The Roman Bridge  

The bridge to the village of Stevrek has nothing to do with Rome and its Roman builders roads, but that's how it got its name because of the resemblance to bridges built in Roman times. According to people who know about bridges, it is built in the 16-17th century,  like part of an important road passing through Stara Planina. I know about this bridge since many, many years because it is near my father's birthplace and he he told me a lot about him. However, it so happened that we went somewhere or not, but right next to it a road never opened. So until one spring sunday  The village of Stevrek is small village, but according to the information on the Internet, there is quite an interesting one history, and according to the found remains of some old settlements, fortresses and bridges is a truly historical place. I won't bore you with history, but if you don't have anything urgent to do take a look at

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